Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saunters Tuesday. . .An Unlucky Break

Our Saunters week started off wet and wild and included a broken down bus. History couldn't repeat itself, right?  Well, sort of.

Yesterday, the hikers trooped through very soggy conditions to enjoy a 6 mile trek through the Eagle Segment.

Today, our intention was to enjoy a beautiful and diverse 4-mile stretch of the Hartland Segment. However, we had a few detours that took us a way from our plans and led us to a whole new adventure.

It wasn't a broken down bus that got us. It was a broken down freight train.

But before we get to those shenanigans, we had a beautiful (and organized morning at the John Muir Overlook just of of the Ice Age Trail. We looked at the chimney swift project, toured the adjoining marsh, and worked on our Saunters journaling and sketching while we explored the marshland, pond, and grassy forested areas.

This was followed by an exploration of the Hartland Marsh section of the segment with another beautiful view from the Aldo Leopold Overlook. Then, we left nature and headed down the streets of Hartland. . . and that's where it got wacky.

We saw the train as it started to cross the intersection. We even had train enthusiast-kids hoping it would still be there by the time we approached. One child even predicted it would breakdown like the bus. I really wish he hadn't been right.

After attempting to find safe and legal alternatives to crossing the tracks, we realized it was in our best interest to wait it out.

20 minutes later, we came to the realization that maybe we needed to try something else.

So we backtracked and made our way around Hartland and back tot he tracks just in time to see the train blare the horn sound to know it was working again. Figures! :)

Luckily, our re-route didn't take us too far away from the trail, but it did shift us into second gear and we lost a bit of teaching time to make sure we made it back to the bus.

As we approached the end of our hike for the day. the kids had aching and sweaty feet,. Nothing a little dip into the Bark River couldn't help.

I;'m a little bit apprehensive about what tomorrow will bring, but it will be memorable either way. Hopefully without anything breaking down.

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