Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tyke Hike #9 - Monches

Mother Nature finally helped us out today. After a handful of less than spectacular weather tyke hikes. the sun shining down on all 22 hikers was a wonderful way to start the weekend. Eleven children and eleven adults enjoyed a brisk spring day in the Monches segment. Though muddy at times, the leaf-covered trail and naked trees allowed for spectacular views that will soon be hidden by foliage and flowers.

Though my favorite little hiking assistant's "terrible two tantrums" came a bit early (she turns 2 in a few weeks), we were able to make it through an exciting and energetic stroll through the ups and downs of the forest. With walking sticks in hand, the children were all smiles. Whether it was examining leaves, inspecting acorns, or balancing on fallen branches, the happiness I saw from the children really summed up why I even started Tyke Hiking in the first place.

Today's hike was about the Sights. Smells, and Sounds of Spring. It was awesome having the kids report when they heard a bird or felt a "fuzzy" stump. I even was told that "spring rocks smell better than winter ones." Either way, seeing the kids interact with each other and nature in such a beautiful setting was amazing.

A special shout out goes to two volunteer extraordinaires that were able to join me on the trail. As always, Kevin was a fountain of information about the trail while assisting with sweeping duties and being the lead photographer. We were also graced by the presence of one of our chapter's Blazin' Babes, Chris. She, along with many other fantastic volunteers, improve signage throughout the county and state to help all better enjoy the trail.

Tyke Hikes continue on Saturday, April 18th at 10:00AM at the Hartland Segment, beginning at Centennial Park. We will focus on the importance of Wisconsin's Waterways.

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