Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sounds of Scuppernong

It was a beautiful day to head out to one of my favorite parts of the state: the Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit. Though I was right in the area of the Emma Carlin Trail, Paradise Springs, the State Forest Headquarters and Old World Wisconsin, I spent my Sunday morning on the back-and-forth, up-and-down Ice Age National Scenic Trail segment known as Scuppernong. The fallen leaves made it a bit tricky at times to stay on the trail, but fortunately, the clearly identifiable work of the Blazin' Babes and other volunteers helped make it much more passable.
Scuppernong's version of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Though I usually focus my writing on the sights of my hike, the sounds of the forest were especially diverse today.

The rustling of the cornucopia of colored leaves blanketing covering the trail.

The soft crackle of the blanket of pine needles with every step.
Someone else loves the forest too.

The blast of gunshots in the distance, making me wonder if it was time to turn back.

The clear commands  of dog owners, barking out directions as their canines strolled alongside.

The laughter of children and crackling of flames at the campsite breakfast area.
Quite the erratic

The chorus of calls from various birds among the trees.

The casual conversation of two gentlemen, dressed in full camo with bow and arrows leaning up against a nearby tree.

The chittering of chipmunks, gathering food for their upcoming winter's sleep.

The whispering of twigs, acorns, and leaves wrestling on the forest floor after descending from their lofty perch.

And the familiar sound of what I thought was a rain shower disguised as tree debris barreling down to earth with every gust of wind, turning my peaceful hike into a game of dodge the debris.

But of all the sounds of the forest, there was the occasional sound of silence and serenity that made the trip worthwhile.

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